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GPS Cache Hunt - Part 1

From hunter to hunter

Some cache hunts – like Terrain5 cache hunt (T5) require special equipment and particular skills due to their hard to reach characteristics. When you need to climb after your cache, we teach how to overcome obstacles quickly and safely.

Relevant ascending and descending skills as well as pulley systems are being taught in our courses. We show you handy tips and a bag full of tricks that help you become a T5 star. Participation is limited to 8 trainees. Enabling us to deal with your questions properly. Course Part I is suited for beginners and advanced users.

Course characteristics

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Tuition fees: please inquire
  • Location: Bad Soden-Salmünster (50 km from Frankfurt am Main)
  • max. 8 trainees

Course content - Part 1

  • Knots
  • Ascending and descending techniques
  • Self-support upon descender malfunction
  • Rope installation in trees
  • Rescue from trees
  • Descending over edges

Course prerequisites

  • Min. 16 years of age

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