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How long does it take before I can work as rope access technician?

All courses are one week courses. Day 1 is reserved for theory lessons. Day 5 is reserved for the independent assessment.

Can I go through course levels 1 to 3 in a row?

FISAT Level 1 and Level 2 courses can be scheduled in two consecutive weeks. Level 3 requires one year experience as Level 2 rope access technician and 250 logged rope working days.

IRATA requires one year and 1.000 logged rope hours between Level 1 and again one year and 1.000 logged rope hours between Level 2 and 3.

What’s the difference between the different levels?

  • Level 1 – Basic – Ascending and descending, basic rescue techniques.
  • Level 2 – Advanced – Horizontal movement,  rope systems, rescue upwards, pulleys, etc.
  • Level 3 – Supervisor – Responsibility for projects, risk assessments, method statements, etc.

What can I do with the respective levels?

  • Level 1: Vertical work, rescue downwards
  • Level 2: vertical and horizontal rope access work, rescue down and upwards, pulleys, horizontal rope systems
  • Level 3: Project supervision, risk assessment and toolbox talks, full responsibility for integrity of knots and rope systems.

How is a course structured?

Day 1: Theory lessons, Day 2-4: Practice lessons, Day 5: Assessment (theory 2 hours followed by practice assessment).

Why do I save VAT when registering with KSE?

KSE’s occupational school is eligible to offer rope access courses VAT free. Our school is an officially registered education institution, authorised by German government. The course itself is therefore VAT free. Rental equipment, hotel, etc. must be charged with VAT.

What is the job situation for rope access technicians?

The need for rope access technicians is still increasing. Many opportunities exist for well educated rope access technicians. We cannot comment on your individual situation. It very much depends on your personality and craftsmanship skills.

Where can I apply for a rope access job?

You can apply with a variety of rope access companies or you work as a self-employed technician. Contact details for rope access firms in yellow, pages, internet or employment agency.

Could the cost for a rope access course be covered by the German employment agency?

We do not currently offer courses that are directly subsidised by the employment agency. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to apply for an agency subsidy. Education vouchers are possible too and are accepted by KSE.

What is the location for KSE courses?

Rope access courses take place at our HQ in Bad Soden-Salmünster.

What is a G41 medical examination?

G41 is a medical examination in accordance with regulatory employers insurance guidelines for all personnel working at heights. It includes performance and resilience of cardio-vascular levels, balance system, eyesight and hearing.

Do I need to bring something with me to the course?

When you book „all inclusive“, no. When you book the plain course we are happy to let the training harness for a fee.

Which prerequisites do I need to fulfil?

You should be free from giddiness and at least 18 of age. You should be physically fit and you need to bring a G41 certificate.

Do you offer the required First Aid course?

No. All aid organisations offer this course.

Is there anything to consider in regards to the First Aid certificate?

You must attend the full 16 hour first aid course. The smaller course „lebensrettenden Sofortmaßnahmen“ required for your drivers license is not sufficient. Your First Aid certificate must not be older than 24 months.

Can I bring my First Aid certificate at a later point in time?

No. The certificate must be with us on day 1 of the course. Otherwise we cannot register you for the independent assessment on day 5.

What are the wages for rope access technicians?

It very much depends on the company you work for and on your individual skills.

What makes KSE’s school unique?

Many years of trainer and operator experience. Our trainers are true practitioners. Our own training centre located in a historic monument. Lots of equipment to play with, large shop onsite, motivated instructors, VAT free, great success rate, state-approved status.

Does KSE offer in-house courses?

Yes. Please contact our service line. We will discuss individual arrangements for you.

Are there any public funds for courses?

Several subsidies are feasible:

  1. Employment agency vouchers
  2. job promotion measures supported by Bundeswehr (BFD)
  3. paid educational leave (please contact your HR department)

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