Competence in all areas: Access Facilities

Access Facilities

Rescue and repair

Modern access facilities like exterior elevators, moving platforms, telescopic latters, etc. are as diverse as the buildings and constructions where they are used. Albeit safe, access facilities are under heavy work-load, very frequent use and open to any environmental impact.

Our rope access paramedics are there when persons require help and rescue in damaged and malfunctioning vehicles. Apart from rescue our rope access technicians are available for repair and maintenance of access facilities of any kind at any height in any location. Our mechanics, electricians, welders, tinsmiths, roofers and carpenters can handle any damage to whatever your access vehicle might be.

At a Glance

  • Rescue and secure personnel at any height
  • Professional repair of any facility and equipment

Tailored Method Statements

Apart from our tailored rescue concepts we also develop first class method statements for most efficient and cost effective work at height projects.

Custom Solutions

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