Competence in all areas: Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces

No room for claustrophobia

Rescue from confined spaces (e.g., silos, tank farms, ducts, chemical containers or shafts) is mostly complicated and dangerous. The challenge for rescuers lies in severely compromised space and sight conditions. In addition special consideration must be given to dangerous chemicals, gases, etc.

To ensure reliable rescue from confined spaces, our experts are especially trained in specific dangerous occurrences in areas of reduced air exchange. Knowledge of specific work and rescue situations in confined spaces and deployment of specific accident prevention regulations as well as proficiency in specific lifting devices are what you get when calling upon KSE’s rescue teams.

At a Glance

  • Rescue under adverse space and sight conditions
  • Reliable rescue from sites with reduced air exchange

Tailored Method Statements

Apart from our tailored rescue concepts we also develop first class method statements for most efficient and cost effective work at height projects.

Custom Solutions

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