Competence in all areas: Shaft Rescue

Shaft Rescue

Shaft rescue aloft and on the ground

Statistics show shaft rescue to be the most dangerous form of rescue operation. Shaft and confined space rescue at heights is even more challenging. Apart from restricted space and sight conditions rescue is even more complicated. Often aggressive environmental and reduced oxygen levels increase the risk levels for both, the patient and the rescuer.

Therefore the first command for the rescue team is self-protection. This requires special equipment like respiratory devices fort he specific environment or heat-resistant suits. Successful rescue operations in shafts and confined spaces typically require an even higher technical demand to equipment and personnel. KSE’s rope access rescue team is fully equipped to deal with any such situation.

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Shaft rescue

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Installation Works

Our competent experts are happy to repair and maintain your smokestacks. Confined spaces are no issue for our skilled rope access technicians.


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