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Banner ads with an impact

It’s quite obvious: banners can unfold their impact only if they are big enough and positioned high enough. This is when skilled professionals go to work. Handling of large-sized banners at heights is tricky and in fact dangerous.

KSE’s professionals know their task and know how large-scale banners are to be mounted and durably fastened. No matter which height. You need to get large banners up a high-rise building, a monument, a bridge or a treetop? Call upon KSE. Our professionals assist you any time, any height.

At a Glance

  • Installation of advertisement banners of any size
  • Installation of banners at any height


Kletter-Spezial-Einheit Referenz Bannerwerbung
Kletter-Spezial-Einheit Referenz Bannerwerbung

Sample References

NIKE Headquarter Germany: Installation and replacement of banners

more references

Custom Rescue

Installation of banners bears many risks. Our experts stand by you with tailored rescue concepts.

Custom Rescue

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