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Facade Cleaning

Facades - cleaning and sustainable protection

The exterior appearance of any building attracts or repels people. Exterior facades, subject to permanent environmental attacks get soiled and unattractive quickly. When it comes to sustainably clean facades, architects and building owners since many years partner with KSE.

It makes a difference what the main cause is for dirty facades. Let it be plain dust, soot, weathering, moss, bird droppings, efflorescence, etc. Our skilled professionals work with you on a specific cleaning concept for your specific situation, taking into consideration type of contamination and degree. To protect exterior facades for the longer-term our experts offer sealing and preservation measures after cleaning.

At a Glance

  • Facade cleaning - any type of building, any height
  • Sealing and preservation of facades

Sample References

Facade cleaning

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Custom Rescue

Facade cleaning at height is a risk prone activity. Rope access for work and rescue solves your safety issues.

Custom Rescue

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