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Glass Cleaning

Professional window and glass cleaning

Cleaning of glass panels and glass components turns into a real challenge when the soiled exterior is out of reach. Which is the rule rather than the exception for higher buildings, as windows typically cannot be opened for security reasons. This is where KSE’s professionals come in, no matter at which height your windows might be.

Dirty windows are only one segment where our rope access technicians get to work. Glass domes, industrial glazing, winter gardens, or glass roofs are subject to our services. We also offer complementary cleaning services for shutter systems and awnings.

At a Glance

  • Glass cleaning - any type of building, any height
  • Cleaning of shutter systems

Sample References

Frankfurt, glass cleaning

more references

Custom Rescue

Glass cleaning at height is a risk prone activity. Rope access for work and rescue solves your safety issues.

Custom Rescue

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