Competence in all areas: Construction


Cost reduction by skilled rope access

Architects and building owners are painfully aware, how expensive superstructure work can be. Wages for qualified workers and craftsmen are to be considered. Topped up by significant cost for scaffolds, lifting platforms and cranes.

This is where KSE’s strength takes effect. No matter if Wiring, Paint Work, Roofer Work, Carpenter Work, Tinsmith Work, Facade Work or Glazier Work. Highly skilled craftsmen with top quality rope access education and experience are at your disposal. What this means for our clients: job accomplished, cost reduced, time saved, problem solved.

at a glance

  • Skilled construction work - professional craftsmanship
  • Cost reduction - no need for scaffolds, lifting platforms or cranes

Excavation Rescue

Construction sites are not exactly risk free. We offer a variety of rescue measures like excavation rescue.

Excavation Rescue

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