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Facade work

Skilled facade technicians for your construction work

KSE’s facade specialists are in action when substructures as well as visual design of any facades are required to ensure proper protection against fire, weather and noise exposure. No matter if the components used are of wood, glass, plastic or dressed stone. Or in fact if your facade is made of photovoltaic panels.

All of our work is executed with the quality of skilled craftsmanship. Height or type of building is irrelevant to us. Many years of experience on the job and outstanding rope access education build the foundation for our competence.

At a glance

    • Configuration of building facades
    • Installation of thermal insulation
      Kletter-Speziel-Einheit reference facade work
      Kletter-Speziel-Einheit reference facade work
      Kletter-Speziel-Einheit reference facade work

      Sample References

      High-rise building in Darmstadt: Replacement of silicone expansion joints

      more References

      Customised Rescue

      Facade work in great heights is often dangerous. Deployment of rope access technician and height rescue professionals is the answer.

      Customised Rescue

      Your Future

      You are flexible, reliable and like to travel? We offer exciting, diversified projects for self-employed rope access technicians.

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