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Skilled tinsmiths for your construction work

KSE’s tinsmiths are essential to any construction of high-rise buildings wherever guttering, roof drainage and ventilation facilities are required. Outfitting facades, roof areas and smokestacks with metal sheets also belongs to our core skills.

In general KSE employs only skilled and experienced roofers and tinsmiths with an additional top quality rope access education. Based on their comprehensive training even the most challenging work needs are not an issue for our specialists. Including on-site and just-in-time production of metal or plastic components for ventilation facilities.

At a glance

    • Installation of drainage and ventilation facilities
    • Customisation of metal and plastic components
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      Customised Rescue

      Tinsmith works in special buildings and at heights are often dangerous. Deployment of rope access technician and height rescue professionals is the answer.

      Customised Rescue

      Your Future

      You are flexible, reliable and like to travel? We offer exciting, diversified projects for self-employed rope access technicians.

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