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Skilled electricans for your construction work

KSE stands for competent electrical installations at any height. Electricians and electrical engineers with significant experience and certified rope access education provide the foundation for excellence at work.

Our electricians are always the right choice for any wiring and electrical installations in high-rise buildings, towers, landmarks, etc. Even the most complex installations are feasible and trouble-free for our clients. Especially where placement of scaffolds, lifting platforms and cranes is not an option.

at a glance

    • Any electrical installation at any height
    • Installation of photovoltaic panels


    Kletter-Spezial-Einheit Referenz Lampendemontage
    Kletter-Spezial-Einheit Referenz Lampendemontage
    Kletter-Spezial-Einheit Referenz Elektroinstallation

    Sample References

    Mainova Frankfurt: Maintanence ground lightning

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    Power Plant Rescue

    Wiring in special structures at height are often dangerous. Deployment of rope access technician and height rescue professionals is the answer.

    Power Plant Rescue

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    You are flexible, reliable and like to travel? We offer exciting, diversified projects for self-employed rope access technicians.

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