Competence in all areas: Installation

Industrial Facilities

Installation with circumspection

Installation in aloft industrial facilities requires special care to avoid any obstruction of production lines or contamination of food production. We are fully aware that interrupting production results in significant financial losses. This is why we reconcile our work in detail with operations management.

Our rope access technicians bring to bear their full capabilities based on their skilled craftsmanship and their outstanding certified rope access education. To keep access times in production lines to a minimum KSE is using state of the art technology and equipment.

At a Glance

  • Installation under consideration of production processes
  • Hightech for minimising interruption times

Sample References

Volkswagen plant Kassel: Installation of transmitter antennas at smokestack

more References


Industrial Facilities Rescue

Installation work in industrial facilities very often requires a skilled rope access technician. We can also provide you outstanding height rescue experts for your undertaking.

Industrial Facilities Rescue

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