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Corrosion Protection

Permanently ascertain function and look

Corrosion protection is an umbrella term for all measures to prevent metal parts from damages when exposed to air. Pervasive protection is essential to ensure uncompromised functionality of any building. And at the same time maintain the visual integrity oft he building and its metal components.

It is essential to perform regular inspections of all components that are subject to damages caused by corrosive processes. Preventing and avoiding corrosion by early detection is essential. KSE’s specialists know about the specific parameters and features oft he respective materials and buildings. This why clients from all over Europe call upon our experts to support their specific needs.

At a Glance

  • Corrosion protection - any type of building, any height
  • Maintenance - onshore and offshore

Sample References

Amsterdam harbour: corrosion protection for several silos

more references

Custom Rescue

Corrosion protection in exposed areas bears many risks. Rope access for work and rescue solves your safety issues.

Custom Rescue

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