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Expansion Joints

Horizontal or vertical room to move

Expansion joints or movement joints, respectively, are integral part of any building to allow and compensate for bracing, expansion and elastic displacement. However, expansion and movement joints are not maintenance-free. They require recurring inspection and maintenance. Functionality and integrity of an entire building can depend on properly functioning horizontal and vertical expansion and movement joints.

The aim is to ensure long-term sealing against external factors like water, chemicals and other influences. KSE’s experts provide ongoing maintenance of expansion and movement joints in high-rise buildings, power plants, wind turbines or bridges. Our expertise includes treatment of joint edges, wherever those are flawed.

At a Glance

  • Inspection, maintenance and repaira of expansion and movement joints
  • One-stop-shop service - any type of building, any height

Sample References

Maintenance of residential buildings

more references

Custom Rescue

Maintaining expansion joints at height bears many risks. Our experts stand by you with our tailored rescue concepts.

Custom Rescue

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