Competence in all areas: Repair

Welding Work

Solid compound for any metal

Experts are aware of the vast variety of metal sheets that require very different kinds of welding techniques. Not only metals differ from each other, but also the specifics of a work piece. An I-beam made of steel requires a very different approach from a galvannealed sheet.

The specific knowledge required for a professional repair job is a given for KSE’s experts. Apart from their certifications as rope access technicians they posses all relevant state-approved certifications in their craftsmanship. For our welders and metal construction workers repair and maintenance of difficult to reach structures is of no concern.

At a Glance

  • Skilled welders with great experience
  • Repair of difficult to reach metal structures

Sample References

Diverse welding projects

more references

Custom Rescue

Welding jobs in buildings at height bears many risks. Our experts stand by you with our tailored rescue concepts.

Zur individuellen Rettung

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