Work at heights

For our well-trained rope access technicians, rope-supported work is essential for top quality results. Many years of experience in a wide variety of craftsmanship combined with international rope access quality and safety standards yield superior results for our clients.

Height Rescue

With specialised rope access techniques KSE experts protect and rescue your staff, no matter how adverse the conditions. Fast and efficient rescue concepts and operations ensure your employee’s security and health.


In our rope access school and training centre KSE experts provide training to new and experienced rope access technicians as well as PPE users. We are officially recognised as educational institution by the German government.

Safety at Work

Our service portfolio is focused on safety at work for any work at heights and difficult work locations. Work at heights through rope access is by far the most secure access method with the least accidents. This is good for us and certainly good for our clients.

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KSE Trainings in Hamburg

KSE is delighted to announce a new partnership. Effective immediately the maritime competence center offers KSE trainings in Hamburg. To start with, ...

KSE Visit

KSE Visit

KSE is a company that is taking its entrepreneural and social responsibilities seriously. We thank our representative of the Bundestag, Mrs. Müller, ...


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